Our Team

Program Director

Rachel Saliba

How do we inspire and support our children to achieve their best?

Hi, I’m Rachel Saliba, Founder and Program Director of Practically Learning. I am committed to addressing this question, because I believe every child should have the opportunity to shine and become who they are destined to be.

I bring over 25 years in Design Thinking to my work, using creativity, innovation and insight to identify strategic approaches to the complex challenges facing children as they navigate their learning journey.

I’ve directly worked with over 20 schools as a coach and consultant in parent engagement and culture development. I have spokenat various educational and engagement conferences around Australia and conduct seminars and workshops for parents, teachers and educational leaders on ways to strengthen the connections with children, both at home and school.

I have, and continue to hold, several roles in education. I’m currently the Executive Officer for the Victorian Catholic Schools Parent Body, and the Victorian Representative for Catholic School Parents Australia - advocating for parentson various issues. I have been a guest lecturer for pre-service teachers at ACU in Melbourne on the importance of parent engagement in education and its impact on student learning outcomes, and was invited to travel to XXX in 2012 to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of parental engagement universally. I have designed and facilitated Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses in Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations and Project Management at Victoria University.

I am also an author; having recently published my first book entitled Staying Connected – Guiding and supporting children in their learning journey. My book exploresthe challenges and joys of the parent journey with children, how to remain in touch with their world and support them as they navigate through their education towards a promising future.

The book is available now at amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.