How We Connect






Connect with your learning community
Engage in learning
Inspire family-school partnerships for sustainability

Creating positive learning environments for children to thrive – both at school and home.

Practically Learning is at the forefront of culture change in educational communities.
We strive to bridge the gap between school and home through assisting schools and parents in understanding and developing parent engagement in education to achieve genuine family-school partnerships.

Our work draws on research, both locally and internationally, using elements of the Dual Capacity Framework and the work of several renowned researchers we have met and learned from personally, including Dr. Karen Mapp, Dr Debbie Pushor, Dr Joni Samples, Maggie Farrar along with Dr Joyce Epstein, Alma Harris and Anne Henderson and the philosophy of global design thinking organisation, IDEO.

Practically Learning aims to assist schools to avoid difficult relationships with parents by providing the tools to create positive relationships and improve communication between parents, educators, and school leaders.

The greatest advantage in developing positive relationships is for children to feel supported by all those around them and to embrace a love of learning to achieve their greatest potential.

Connect Learning

Connect - Through this phase we focus on the unique relationships and roles of teachers and parents in schools, how to improve communication and build an inclusive culture leading to trusted relationships and improved social capital.

Engage Learning

Engage - Through this phase we focus on building capacity of both teachers and leaders to engage parents in learning activities that have an impact on student learning, engagement and wellbeing.

Inspire Learning

Inspire - Through this phase we focus on developing whole school culture to achieve sustainable partnerships. This is an opportunity to work as a team of three (teachers, parents and students) and develop your own action team within the school. This team will drive sustainable and effective partnerships.

We use Design Thinking and proven research to facilitate fun and interactive workshops that guide and educational leaders, teachers and parents to discover new and exciting ways to connect, engage and inspire authentic partnerships. We guide you to develop a roadmap for planning and developing creative and relevant strategies for connecting with parents, engaging parents in learning as well as explore how you can develop sustainable and effective practices and achieve results for your teachers and students.

We achieve this through:

Research and strategic planning

Workshops and presentations in schools and education conferences

Coaching and mentoring teachers and leadership teams

• Parent Engagement Action Team Mentor Program

Consulting on specific strategies and ideas for parent engagement in learning



Our work inspires people in all stages of education and parenthood to create stronger connections with each other so that they are better equipped and empowered to support children throughout their learning journey.