How We Connect

Connect - Engage - Inspire

Creating positive learning environments for children to thrive – both at school and home.

Practically Learning is at the forefront of culture change in educational communities.
We strive to bridge the gap between school and home through assisting schools and parents in understanding and developing parent engagement in education to achieve genuine family-school partnerships.

Our work aims to create positive relationships between parents, educators, and school leaders so that children feel supported to embrace a love of learning and achieve to the best of their abilities.

We use Design Thinking and proven research to guide and mentor educational leaders, teachers and parents to plan and develop creative and relevant strategies for parent engagement.

Our work inspires people in all stages of education and parenthood to create stronger connections with each other so that they are better equipped and empowered to support children throughout their learning journey.

We achieve this in the following ways:


Culture Development Programs

Tailored and detailed exploration of the potential of school communities aimed at improving whole school culture inclusive of parent-school engagement.
Our unique programs provide your school with guidance to connect and build positive relationships, to engage parents in learning and inspire genuine family-school partnerships to support children on their learning journey.

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Workshops with Impact

Practically Learning designs customised, interactive and inspiring workshops to suit your learning community. Our workshops provide information, strategies and planning tools for school leaders, teachers and parents to help maximise opportunities to build genuine family-school partnerships.

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Speaking Engagements

Rachel is a skilled and insightful speaker who shares her experience and insight across a variety of topics, most importantly how together we have a shared responsibility to create positive and impactful learning environments for children in all stages of education both at home and at school.

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