Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching: Teachers and Leaders

Connect - Engage - Inspire

One on one coaching provides your teachers and leaders with opportunity to build confidence in working together in partnership with parents.

We assist in building capacity and understanding of teachers and leaders, the importance of enabling parents to support learning. We support them in creating a culture of engagement throughout teaching and learning linked with the AITSL Teacher and Leadership Standards to build capacity in developing new initiatives that suit your learning community.

Initially we explore with school leaders during our learning discovery session, whether your school is in the CONNECT phase, the ENGAGE phase or the INSPIRE phase of integrating parent engagement throughout your learning community to understand where staff are placed currently in their understanding of parent engagement.

We then work with teachers and leaders in exploring the challenges in your school and coach staff through these to enable teahers to engage parents to in the learning.

Who is coaching and mentoring for?

  • Primary school teachers and leaders
  • Secondary schools teachers and leaders

    What we provide for your learning community:
  • Coaching of leadership one on one or in teams - discovering where your school is placed currently in understanding of and implementing parent engagement in learning - CONNECT - ENGAGE - INSPIRE interview/survey.
  • Coaching of teachers one on one - to build capacity of teachers to connect, engage and inspire as enablers of parent engagement in learning.
  • Clearer understanding of the challenges for leaders, teachers and parents in your learning community and where you want to be
  • Developing goals to begin working through solutions and strategies to build teacher role as enablers of parent engagement in learning
  • Exploration of current strategies and exploring integration of parent engagement in learning - what is already in place to move from the CONNECT phase to the ENGAGE phase or ENGAGE phase to INSPIRE phase
  • Planning, framework and action tools
  • Follow up mentoring to evaluate progress.

*Coaching and mentoring will depend on the current needs and current status of the school in engaging with families and developing partnerships in learning.

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