Connect, Engage, Partner

Program 1: Connect, Engage, Partner

Connect, Engage, Partner is an extensive research-based program developed by Practically Learning. The aim of this program is to more deeply understand the people in your learning community, including leaders, teachers and families. We aim to understand the challenges each face in being a part of a school learning community and in supporting children on their learning journey. Through a strategic process, we explore these challenges and assist in developing strategies to develop relationships, improve communication, explore community building and leadership and how to work and learn together in partnership. Effectively this can be explained as moving from parent involvement to parent engagement and eventually to develop genuine family-school partnerships.

Through our unique 5i process we investigate challenges, identify areas for improvement, assist in designing ideas and solutions to challenges and provide ongoing consulting for the implementation and integration of ideas.

Four key areas we focus on for whole school improvement are:

  • Relationships and Wellbeing
  • Partnerships in Learning
  • Community and Leadership
  • Communication

    Who is this program for?
  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary SchoolsWhat we provide for your learning community:
  • Clearer understanding of the challenges for teachers and parents in your learning community
  • Exploration and understanding current perceptions, assumptions, challenges and barriers
  • Accurate and relevant qualitative and quantitative research and feedback from members of your learning community to enable connection with school improvement plan
  • Research allows us to tailor strategies to suit your community and to provide further mentoring, coaching, workshops or support consulting to suit your needs
  • A CLEAR plan for ongoing development of ideas, implementation and integration into whole school culture.
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