Positive Learning Communities Inspiring a passion for cultural change

Using tailored exploration we investigate the challenges and potential of each school. With a focus on improved understanding and engaging your community, we research and develop strategies for strong connections to enhance learning and support students to achieve their best.

Connecting parents Staying connected with children on their journey

Our work helps parents understand their role in education so they can: Engage with their child by recognising learning opportunities everywhere, stay naturally engaged and in tune with their children and develop positive relationships with educators to enhance engagement.

Inspiring Action Workshops with impact

Practically Learning designs customised, interactive and inspiring workshops that provide useful strategies and planning tools for school leaders, teachers and parents to help maximise opportunities to build genuine family-school partnerships.

Building Capacity to Engage Focus on strengths and enablers

With a focus on building capacity of leaders, teachers and parents through a consulting and mentoring process in the area of parent engagement, we work collaboratively with you to develop solutions to the challenges specific to your learning community.