“I learned about family school partnerships from a parent perspective. Thank you!! It was a very informative and interesting presentation.”


“A great insight into the parent perspective of home and school learning. A great presentation, very helpful.”


“I learned the different levels of engagement and the importance of communication.”


“It’s great to hear from both a parent perspective and a professional. I will use the strategies learned if given the opportunity.”


“I learned the possible barriers to involvement and engagement from a parent perspective.”


“I learned the importance of engaging parents and how to do informal learning through play at home as well as the importance of future learning.”


“I learned there is space for children to learn through play and my suspicions were confirmed on the importance of parent engagement in non-formal play.”


“I learned simple ways parents can be engaged with learning – it doesn’t have to be a chore, providing opportunities through play and family time is a way to be engaged.”


“I enjoyed the thoughtful personal examples provided such as photos of the presenter’s children learning, examples of school reports and of a parent information session.”


“A well informed parents perspective on what they feel they need to help their child succeed at school. Included strategies to help include parents and engage them.”


“I learned about the differences between involvement and engagement and the different points of view from parents about student learning.”


“I learned how learning at home is strongly influenced by parents’ understanding of its importance and how it must be encouraged. The pictures included in the presentation were excellent for getting the message across”


“I learned about the school community from a parent perspective. I appreciated looking at learning that happens at home as well as the idea of using information sessions to inform parents, particularly on classroom lingo.”


“I have gained as stronger understanding of parent engagement and its difference from parent involvement. The presentation was very engaging and well delivered. Clear and easy to understand, broken up with discussion and videos. It was great to hear the information from a parent perspective.”


“Useful and interesting information with very insightful examples.”


“My understanding of the importance of creating and maintaining partnerships with parents has been broadened with a particular emphasis on the usefulness of looking at a child’s incidental learning and using it to personalise learning.”


“I feel I have a much clearer understanding of the difference between involvement and engagement.”


“This workshop reinforced alot of actions from home, often incidental but they assist in supporting learning. It was great that it was attended by parents and staff”


“I now understand the importance of partnerships to improve children’s learning.”


“You opened my mind to understand my children’s needs and gave me feedback on what I need to do.

“You clearly made the distinction between parent involvement and parent engagement. Both important but very different.”


“I realised how much our school actually does. The presentation was clear, concise and great activities.” 


Primary School, Yea

“I learned to be more conscious of learning at home.”


Primary School, Yea

“I learned that the school my children attend cares about what parents think which is fantastic.” 


Primary School, Yea

“I learned that when the teacher and parent are up front and honest about the child at hand, the child doesn’t fall through the cracks.” 


Primary School, Yea

“I learned the importance of continued engagement with children and the school.” 


“Supported my current practices and gave me ideas for other methods of engaging with my children.” 


Primary School, Yea

“Reinforced and highlighted ways of engaging with our wonderful school and our wonderful kids. Great content, very well presented.” 


Primary School, Yea

“Alot of strategies recommended for the home are already in place but to a lesser degree. I learned how better to connect with school and that more connection with community could really benefit my child’s learning.” 


Primary School, Yea

“I learned that incidental events can provide great learning experiences”


Primary School, Yea

“Rachel delivered a very interesting webinar about the importance of parents being connected with their children’s learning. She was very clear, thorough and informative, and I highly recommend her to any parents out there who wanted to be more involved with their children’s education.”

Cynthia (Parent)

“During this webinar I learned that our children learn better from us being engaged with them more, not just academically but in daily things and emotionally. It was great to gain a better understanding of the difference between being involved and being engaged in our children’s learning. I was pleased to see I am already quite engaged in their learning but also excited to acquire some new ideas to trial.”

Jackie (Parent)

“It was a good webinar for starting conversations with parents.” 

Shannon (Teacher)

“I learned the importance of staying connected with my children and the school to support their day to day learning. This webinar delivered more value than I expected.”


Our vision is to support parents and teachers to work together as partners
to support children to thrive in their learning and wellbeing

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