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Relationships are critical for whole school improvement!

Through the first stage of the roadmap we take you on a journey through our unique 5 step connect formula, focusing on the unique relationships and roles of teachers and parents in supporting children’s learning, how to improve communication and build an inclusive culture leading to trusted relationships and improved social capital.

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Did you know perceptions can be the main cause preventing us from connecting?

We are hearing so many stories of relationship breakdown between parents and schools. Much of this is caused by misperceptions and not truly understanding our roles as partners in guiding and supporting children and their learning.

We are committed to developing supportive relationships with our clients, facilitating learning, mentoring and coaching through a relational and strategic process.

Did you know that five decades of research has consistently shown parent engagement has a significant impact on student learning outcomes? 

Did you also know that recent research indicates that random acts of engagement have little or no impact on the long term educational outcomes of students or on a whole school approach to developing a culture of family-school partnerships.

Is your school developing a strategic and targeted plan for developing authentic relationships with parents that will actually have an impact on student learning?

During our Connect Learning training online and live workshops, we do a deep dive to unpack relationships and communication to build your understanding of how to improve relationships in your school to avoid conflict. It is when we are able to break down perceptions and truly relate that we are able to achieve what each of us is aiming for – to support children’s learning and wellbeing.

Positive relationships in schools assist in the development of a community of educators who are ready and capable of engaging parents in the learning journey alongside their children. Positive parent-teacher relationships impact student learning and the ability for parents to provide further support for learning at home.

Practically Learning supports you and your staff to avoid challenging relationships with parents by providing accessible professional learning, coaching and practical tools and resources to create positive relationships and improve communication between parents, educators, and school leaders.


The greatest advantage in developing positive relationships is for children to feel supported by all people who surround them, to support and encourage a love of learning that enables them to thrive.

We achieve this through facilitated learning workshops, online courses, mentoring and coaching through a relational and strategic process.

Practically Learning assists school staff to unpack the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of family-school relationships and communication through our Connect Learning program, to move from random acts to a more strategic approach in planning and implementation to build teacher confidence, provide support for teachers and parents as they navigate and understand the relationship, and ultimately to improve student learning and wellbeing. 

We explore with you, the importance of connection, engagement in learning and inspiring effective and sustainable partnerships. Through our training you will receive practical strategies and resources that are easy to implement and develop a plan connected to your school vision, school improvement and annual action plans that align with curriculum and pedagogical practices. An integrated, relational and strategic approach to support children’s learning and achieve positive outcomes.


Professional learning is accessible through our online platform or live workshops, group coaching and one to one coaching sessions. Teachers are able to include the course in their professional learning hours for registration purposes (depending on state and country).

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