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Engage Learning for School Leaders, Teachers and Parents

Achieving effective, sustainable partnerships in education through improving capacity for engagement in learning.

Engage – Through the second of our three stage process, we use our 6 step engage formula, focusing on developing the capacity of both teachers and leaders to engage parents in learning activities that have an impact on student learning, engagement and wellbeing.

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Are you struggling to understand how to implement parent engagement in your school?

Did you know that five decades of research has consistently shown parent engagement has a significant impact on student learning outcomes? 

Did you also know that recent research indicates that random acts of engagement have little or no impact on the long term educational outcomes of students or on a whole school approach to developing a culture of family-school partnerships.

Is your school developing a strategic and targeted plan that will actually have an impact on student learning?

Now is the time to develop a more strategic approach to engage parents in learning so that you avoid random acts, wasting your time and not knowing if what you are doing is working.

We are committed to developing supportive relationships with our clients, facilitating learning, mentoring and coaching through a relational and strategic process.

Practically Learning has developed three unique learning packages to assist schools to develop authentic partnerships with parents. Connect, Engage and Inspire Learning has been designed to provide guidance for a consistent, strategic, whole school approach to developing relationships with families, to engage parents in learning and to inspire authentic partnerships that have a positive impact on student learning.

Our three phase process takes you through the journey towards a sustainable approach to family-school partnerships which we link with your Annual Action and Improvement Plan and the AITSL standards. The training provided for teachers is able to be applied to registration requirements as it includes a certificate of attendance and opportunities for reflection on learning during the sessions.

The second phase of the family-school partnerships journey focusses on capacity building of both educators and parents. Through this phase school leaders will learn about current parent engagement practices and develop strategies to support teachers to implement these in their community. Teachers will become more confident and capable of enabling parents to engage in learning and to recognise improvement in learning of their students.

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