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The final stage of the journey focuses on teamwork and collaboration. We take you and your action team on a final journey towards sustainable partnerships with our unique 7 step inspire formula for developing the whole school culture of family-school partnerships. This is a unique mentor program to support you in building an action team of parents, teachers and school leaders to work together to develop sustainable ideas and plans for positive relationships, engagement in learning and authentic partnerships throughout your school community to continue to impact students.

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Practically Learning assists schools to unpack the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of partnerships and working together in collaboration through our Inspire Learning program, to move from random acts to a more strategic approach in planning and implementation. 

We support you to create an action team of parents, teachers and students in your school to work collaboratively alongside each other to continue to develop a strategic and impactful approach to developing family-school partnerships. 

We explore with you, the importance of connection, engagement in learning and inspiring effective and sustainable partnerships. Through our training you will develop a plan connected to your school vision, school improvement and annual action plans that align with curriculum and pedagogical practices. An integrated, relational and strategic approach to support children’s learning and achieve positive outcomes.

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