About Us

A passion for inspiring positive learning communities

At Practically Learning, we’re dedicated to inspiring positive learning communities so that all children have the opportunity to shine, and become who they aspire to be.

Practically Learning is an Australian-based education consultancy. From early childhood through to the final years of secondary school, we work with parents, educators and educational leaders to create connections that support children to achieve their best.

We approach our work with a blend of creativity, consultation, innovation and insight.
Using various strategies and tools we have designed and developed, we assist you to uncover complex challenges and develop creative strategies to address issues facing each families’ educational journey.

Our mission is to deliver accessible and impactful learning, coaching and consulting, guiding schools and parents to recognise their capacity to connect, engage and inspire authentic partnerships to support children on their learning journey.

Our work draws on research, both locally and internationally, using elements of the Dual Capacity Framework and the work of several renowned researchers we have met and learned from personally, including Dr. Karen Mapp, Dr Debbie Pushor, Dr Joni Samples, Maggie Farrar along with Dr Joyce Epstein, Dr Janet Goodall, Alma Harris and Anne Henderson.

Our aim is to create a culture of learning both at school and in the home by developing parent engagement in education and family-school partnerships so children can thrive and develop a love for learning, no matter where they are. We believe whatever children are doing, they are always practically learning and all those who surround children have a shared and moral responsibility to support their journey.

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