Rachel has shown a passion for education and for making schools the best they can be.
She has assisted me in my role as principal in planning for improved communication and for improved partnerships with families and community organisations.

Rachel understands the perspective of the teacher, student and parent and is focused on improving learning outcomes for all.

Michael Bourne - St Patrick's Primary School, Kilmore

If you are a school that is in need to promote and engage with your community, Rachel Saliba of Practically Learning is the first person and organisation you should contact.

Her deep understanding about what parents and families want when selecting a school for their children allows her to formulate a specialised and vibrant marketing and parent engagement strategy for schools that is authentic and proven. She is the master of being able to convey the essence of a school to its community.

In video work I have done for Practically Learning I have never seen teachers more prepared and passionate about telling their story to prospective parents. This is testimony to Rachel’s preparatory work and rare ability to get educators and schools to tell their story in a powerful way.

Ralph Barba, Making Media

Thank you so much for coming to share your passion, knowledge and expertise around parent engagement with our pre-service students. I have no doubt they would have gained further insight into 'perceptions' and ways of being in positive conversations with the parents in our learning communities. You have a lovely, calm persona that has been well modelled along with a clear overview of concepts related to engaging parents for the purpose of fully engaged learners - the beautiful children they will all get to teach!

Julieanne Lenoury, Australian Catholic University

Thank you for joining us and sharing some of the wealth of knowledge and experience that you have. Looking forward to continuing working with you.

Jansu and Rochelle

Joining The Dots Network, Victoria

Rachel is a key influencer in the work of the Parent Engagement Project at the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY).  With her expansive knowledge of parenting, learning, and connecting, as well as her experience of school systems from the inside and out, Rachel has much to offer those of us trying to build a shared understanding of family engagement, why it matters and what works to encourage it. Rachel delivered a terrific presentation at the 2017 Parent Engagement Conference and more recently presented a lunchtime webinar on her wonderful book, Staying Connected - Guiding and supporting children on their learning journey, to an audience of ARACY’s members nationwide. Rachel’s approach is professional and down to earth, and we look forward to working with her again in the future.  

Barbara Barker, Research Manager ARACY