Coaching for parents/carers

One on one connect coaching provides you with opportunity to build confidence in yourself and your parenting to improve capacity in your most important role, guiding and supporting children on their learning journey.

Parenting is not an easy journey and believe me, as I currently raise my three children, every day presents a challenge but also many opportunities to learn. Being equipped with confidence and skills to overcome these challenges has helped me to become happier, to stay calm in a crisis and to create a loving and supportive home for our family. Often it’s the work we do on ourselves that makes all the difference in our relationships with others.

Several years ago I realised I needed to create change in my life as I struggled to cope with raising three children under 6, running a business and being everything to everyone else.

I had also experienced some difficult times with several family members passing away and dealing with my own grief and sadness as well as the rest of the family’s challenges was, at times, quite overwhelming.

I had forgotten who I was and how to find joy in life and realised some things needed to change. I engaged a coach to support me through understanding how to see things more clearly, to become the person I wanted to be for myself and my family and to be more aware and present.

It was during this time I wrote my first book, Staying Connected, to support other parents who find themselves feeling overwhelmed with everything going on in their lives and how to stay connected with themselves and their family amongst all the challenges that arise in daily life.

What is coaching and what can it do for you?

When it comes to coaching it can often be seen as something that the coach does to the client. It’s also seen as a process. However, in addition to coaching being an act, and a process, it really is a relationship. (Read our latest blog article about coaching)

As a fully trained, experienced and accredited coach through Authentic Education, I work with parents to assist them in reaching their full potential in developing positive and transformational changes and habits to enhance various areas of life, particularly parenting.

Coaching is driven by the coachee (you), what you want to change and the goals you wish to reach.
As your coach, I guide you through the process and empower and support you to take action to achieve those goals and more.
I support you as parents to realise your potential and take action for rapid results and positive change.

What coaching provides for you:

Coaching of parents uncovers challenges in your relationship with yourself and with your family, to build awareness of strengths and the capacity to connect with your children. We also explore ways parents can use coaching skills with children to improve communication, feedback, compassion and connection.

Support for you to manage daily challenges including your time, to build positive connections with family and to create a balance so you can thrive in life.

A person who actively listens to you and guides you towards finding the answers you already have to fulfil your dreams or goals in life.

Opportunities to completely change your mindset and ability to focus, any anxieties or blockages that hold you back from having the life you want to live.

What my clients say:

“Practically Learning Coaching, in particular my coach Rachel, was like an angel sent to me at the exact time I needed help the most , you were there to reignite my passion and my self belief, that I am worthy and capable of anything I set my mind to. On reflection you helped me uncover blockages that were a cause of great anxiety and internal suffering which has helped me to let go and move forward with greater strength and confidence. I am more optimistic because you have helped me find the answers and the pathway,  effortlessly it seems, although I know how talented you are at making it look effortless because you are highly skilled. Thanks again Rachel and Practically Learning for mentoring and supporting me on my journey.” Angela

“Rachel draws on her breadth of life experience in her coaching, coupled with her intuition, she enables you to focus on unpacking life and its challenges. She’s relatable and able to hold that line between empathy and holding you accountable.” Renee

“I feel listened to, supported and gently guided to try new things. I am allowed to be me and not judged! Rachel is involved but detached – very gentle – and that is really important to me, because I can be so hard on myself and need to be more gentle and accepting of myself. Just having someone really listen to me in this way has released so much potential that I already had.” Michael

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