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Connect Coaching

Connect Coaching Overview

What is coaching?

Emotion and feelings play an important role in motivating students and have a huge impact on many learning-related processes. Emotions impact processes such as attention, memory, and decision-making. Cognition and emotion, therefore have to work together for students to be able to make the connections required for effective learning.

You are invited to join us to understand the complex relationship between emotion and cognition and how to identify children’s strengths for improved learning.

What does coaching provide for you?

Did you know there are 90 intellectual abilities that can be taught and these are skills that enable children to learn curriculum effectively?

Our partners at Energia SOI explore children’s cognitive learning from an holistic, strength based approach in knowing that brain differences are normal, rather than deficits. This concept and way of thinking can reduce the stigma around learning and thinking differences in children.

Through these webinars you will learn from leading international experts how they are supporting cognitive learning for all learners using Structure Of Intellect methods to improve targeted cognitive abilities. 

You will learn how Cognitive Learning ESOI Certification Training and Individual Learning Programs are a proven method to improve you or your teachers’ skills and confidence, ability to increase children’s learning potential and overcome learning, behavioural and cognitive challenges.

The assessment training applies to primary and secondary aged students as well as students who are interested in developing their cognitive skills for specific careers.

If you would like an overview of the Cognitive Training Certification program – Energia Structure of Intellect method including:

• the skills and tools to effectively assess the gaps for individual children, assisting you with personalised learning approaches
• understand how to help students with neurodiverse learning needs
• how to manage the many different learning needs of children in your classroom
• skills to identify children who are most at risk of delayed learning
• an overview of the training to effectively assess and teach general capabilities including creative and critical thinking and improve personal and social capabilities

Please book a time for a clarity conversation by clicking here.
If you’d like to attend the webinar this week, click on the link below.

All participants will receive a “Participation Certificate” for attending the event.1

About Rachel Saliba

Rachel is Founder and Director of Practically Learning, specialising in guiding schools and families to embrace a culture of family engagement in learning so that together, they can provide the support and encouragement children need to thrive in learning and in life. Rachel is a Certified Energia SOI Cognitive Learning Specialist and Professional Learning facilitator, creating connections between parents, teachers and students as partners in learning.

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Our Values

Our values are based on an optimistic view that everyone has the capacity to learn, improve, relate and work in partnership to support children’s learning.
We value integrity, persistence, transparency, creativity, communication, innovation, compassion and honesty in all we do.

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