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From Tension to Trust

Rachel Stewart shares strategies for teachers to develop their capacity to engage parents in learning, first by building trust to enable a positive partnership to develop and enable engagement, 

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Webinar Overview​

How well are you developing positive relationships with parents? 

In the video you heard from Mike Gilmour, School Principal and author of ‘The Power of Rapport’, along with author of ‘Closing the Loop’, Patricia Weinzapfel, who joined Rachel in conversation to share his expertise on building trust through intentional rapport with parents to support students.
Having worked with school leaders and teachers over the past 12 years, I’ve witnessed many who think they have good relationships with parents and carers but their data is showing a decline in family engagement, an increase in challenging parents, and teachers who are hesitant to engage with parents.
Is this you and why is this so? 
Some parents are becoming more demanding or controlling, some are hyper critical of teachers, sometimes even aggressive when it comes to their child’s education.
How are you or your teachers equipped with resilience and other skills to be able to manage themselves but also to prevent these issues from arising by understanding how to build trust with parents?
You may be asked as a teacher to engage with parents without the necessary skills or training to be able to connect effectively and achieve the results you would like for your students.
Parents are seeking more information and support but often their requests can be misinterpreted as complaints or they come across as being overbearing, especially if they don’t know how to express themselves effectively.
A phrase I often hear from teachers, even those entering the profession is, ‘how do we deal with parents?’
I also hear there are some frustrations around not reaching every parent and carer, that some are not interested in attending events or parent-teacher conversations or are totally disengaged.
But have you ever wondered or asked them why?
How do you effectively build trusted relationships with parents to increase your confidence, reduce conflict and tension to ultimately work together as a team?
In this webinar I unpacked these questions for you.
Watch the replay to explore:
• what are the barriers to developing positive relationships with parents?
• what are the reasons behind some of the parent behaviours we are witnessing?
• how can you be more strategic and intentional when it comes to strengthening relationships with parents?
• how you can be equipped with the necessary skills required to implement parent engagement strategies
• all included in my 6 step formula for developing trust with parents and carers to support student learning and wellbeing.

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Rachel Stewart

Rachel is Founder and Director of Practically Learning, specialising in guiding schools and families to embrace a culture of family and parent engagement in learning so that together, they can provide the support and encouragement children need to thrive in learning and in life.

Rachel is a coach, speaker, learning facilitator and author of ‘Creating Connections’ with a passion for supporting those who surround children so they are able to reach their full potential.

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