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Are you seeking a strategic approach
to developing the capacity of your teachers to engage with parents?

Did you know that five decades of research has consistently shown parent engagement has a significant impact on student learning outcomes? Despite the research, there are still many barriers to achieving effective parent engagement. One of the main barriers is the relationship between teachers and parents. 

Relationships are critical for whole school improvement!

In response to these challenges, we’ve created accessible learning for schools and parents to bridge the gap and overcome the challenges facing each of the important people who support children with their learning and development – educators and parents/carers.

The first phase on our Connect, Engage, Inspire continuum is Connect Learning.

Through our unique six step formula school leaders and educators are taken on a self guided learning journey, supported by group coaching and a solid framework, interviews with key experts and access to resources.
Over a 12 week guided and self guided program, we support you to
identify what is preventing you from developing the confidence, self awareness and capacity to develop positive and authentic relationships with parents to enable you to achieve the outcomes you seek for the students you teach.

The program includes webinars, video lessons, activities workshops and online group coaching to suit your learning needs and community context,  improvement.

Our online course provides leaders and teachers with guidance through our unique 6 step formula:
• Exploring the 6 step formula to build understanding of why and how to create stronger connections with parents in schools to improve learning and wellbeing outcomes for children.

• Develop awareness of how to improve current practices and develop new strategies to build stronger connections with families to improve communication.

• Create an achievable CLEAR plan for implementation, based on our unique formula for guiding teachers to build connection and trust with families and how to simplify integration of family-school partnerships into the teaching profession. 

Click on the options above to discover our online and live learning options as well as further resources designed to support you as you carry out the most important role of educating children.

Creative Director & Founder – Rachel Stewart
Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Author, Parent Engagement and Cognitive Learning Practitioner 

Hi, I’m Rachel Stewart, Creative Director and Founder of Practically Learning.
I am passionate about learning and creating new ways to solve challenges that make a difference in the lives of children. Practically Learning specialises in guiding schools and families through professional learning workshops, webinars, coaching and courses to embrace a culture of family and parent engagement in learning so that together, they can provide the support and encouragement children need to thrive in learning and in life.

Three phases to connect, engage and inspire authentic partnerships in your school.
Providing accessible professional learning for school leaders, teachers and parents.

Our Values

Our values are based on an optimistic view that everyone has the capacity to learn, improve, relate and work in partnership to support children’s learning.
We value integrity, persistence, transparency, creativity, innovation, compassion and honesty in all we do.

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