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Engage Learning for School Leaders, Teachers and Parents

Did you know that five decades of research has consistently shown parent engagement has a significant impact on student learning outcomes? 
Despite the research, there are still many barriers to achieving parent engagement in learning.One of the main barriers is understanding what parent engagement actually looks like in practice and what each of our roles are to engage and engage in learning.
Schools are busy places and although some strategies are attempted, often it can be random acts or left to one person to drive the work. This then means parent engagement has little or no impact on the long term educational outcomes of students or on a whole school approach to developing a culture of parent engagement in learning.
It’s not for a lack of trying, however for it to be effective it takes a strategic approach and for staff and parents to be familiar with strategies to use that can have an impact on students and their ability to learn. It’s about strengthening students skills to learn that will ultimately have an impact. But teachers don’t need to do this alone. There are many ways that parents can strengthen their children’s capacity for learning but doing things at home. These are the essential keys to improving learning and making the job of the teachers much easier in the long run. Once children have the necessary cognitive and non-cognitive skills to understand how to learn, they are able to enjoy learning, learn faster and become more confident and independent learners.
Engage Learning which is all about developing the capacity of teachers and to engage parents as active participants and supporters of the learning of their children by focusing on activities they can do at home with their children that impact learning at school.
Through our webinars, training and workshops we also work with parents to understand their important role to engage in learning to strengthen their child’s capacity for learning.
Cognitive and non-cognitive skills are essential for enhancing learning capacity of children. Parents and teachers are able to strengthen these skills through our unique training programs. 
Practically Learning has partnered with Energia SOI to deliver cognitive training for teachers and for parents who want to support children to enhance their learning abilities. Click on the link above to learn more about the training or click on the link below to book a learning discovery call.
For further information about each of our training programs, click on the links above.

Creative Director & Founder – Rachel Stewart
Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur
Hi, I’m Rachel Stewart, creative director and founder of Practically Learning.
I am an entrepreneur with a passion for facilitating learning and creating new ways to improve the lives of children. Practically Learning specialises in guiding schools and families to embrace a culture of parent engagement in learning so that together, we can provide the support and encouragement children need to thrive in learning and in life. 

Learn how three steps to connect, engage and inspire partnerships in learning will impact your students and whole school community.

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