Be inspired: Create connections to develop your child’s love of learning; these resources will help you to stay connected as your child navigates their learning journey.

Staying Connected

Guiding and supporting children on their learning journey - by Rachel Saliba

Staying Connected is a journey of discovery for parents. We know that children learn from the day they are born and continue to learn from the environments, people and experiences they encounter. Rachel Saliba, provides insight into how learning happens the valuable role adults play in nurturing, guiding and supporting children's learning. With relatable and practical suggestions along the way, this is a unique guide for parents who are embarking on the learning journey with their children.


This easy to follow ebook provides suggestions on 'How to guide your child towards a confident first year at school'.
For parents of early childhood or primary aged children

This easy to read ebook has been created for first time parents who are about to begin the journey into formal education with their child. The journey is one of excitement but also of adjustment to changes for both parent and child.
Download to read our easy to follow tips on how to manage as a parent through this stage of your child’s learning journey.
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