Coaching to make a difference in the lives of children

Connect – Engage – Inspire


One on one strength based coaching provides your teachers and leaders with opportunity to build confidence in working together in partnership with parents and to improve their capacity in their most important role, educating children.

Coaching is often seen as something that the coach does to the client. It’s also seen as a process. However, in addition to coaching being an act, and a process, it really is a relationship. (Read our latest blog article about coaching)

As a fully trained and accredited coach, I work with parents and educators to assist them in reaching their full potential in developing positive relationships with colleagues, parents and children. Coaching is driven by the coachee and the goals they wish to reach. As your coach, I guide you through the process and empower you to take action to achieve those goals and more.
We support educators and parents to realise their potential and take action for rapid results and positive change.

Who is coaching for?

  • Primary school teachers and leaders
  • Secondary schools teachers and leaders
  • Parents to enable connection with their child and enable engagement in learning
  • Coaching of leadership one on one – building confidence and new habits to remove stress and overwhelm, time management, improving relationships with others, developing leadership potential and reaching personal and professional goals.
  • Coaching of teachers one on one – to build capacity of teachers to connect, engage and inspire as educators and in working in partnership with parents, building confidence and removing obstacles for progress, time management, removing stress and overwhelm, developing potential and reaching personal and professional goals.
  • Coaching of parents to uncover challenges in connecting and engaging with children to build awareness of strengths and capacity to engage in learning with children. Exploring ways parents can use coaching skills with their children to improve communication, feedback and connection.

*Coaching and mentoring will depend on the current needs and current status of the school in engaging with families and developing partnerships in learning.

Connect Coaching Packages

We have created three packages to suit your needs:

• Full day one on one Connect Coaching session

• 90 day plan

• 12 month plan

Contact us to book a free coaching session and learn more about our package offers.

What my clients say:

“Practically Learning Coaching, in particular my coach Rachel, was like an angel sent to me at the exact time I needed help the most , you were there to reignite my passion and my self belief, that I am worthy and capable of anything I set my mind to. On reflection you helped me uncover blockages that were a cause of great anxiety and internal suffering which has helped me to let go and move forward with greater strength and confidence. I am more optimistic because you have helped me find the answers and the pathway,  effortlessly it seems, although I know how talented you are at making it look effortless because you are highly skilled. Thanks again Rachel and Practically Learning for mentoring and supporting me on my journey.” Angela

“Rachel draws on her breadth of life experience in her coaching, coupled with her intuition, she enables you to focus on unpacking life and its challenges. She’s relatable and able to hold that line between empathy and holding you accountable.” Renee

“Rachel’s 1-on-1 coaching has helped me to completely change my mindset, and I’ve felt myself eager to tackle the world with far more enthusiasm after our calls. She’s warm, compassionate, and her voice is soothing and reassuring. I can feel myself both relax and get motivated in the same call, and love having her keeping me accountable..” Jason

Call 0419 371 876 to book a time for a coaching discovery call to uncover what you would like to achieve in having a coach work with you.

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