Inspire Learning

Professional Learning for school leaders, teachers and parents

Achieving effective, sustainable partnerships in education through improving capacity for relationships, communication and engagement in learning.

Practically Learning

At Practically Learning we are committed to developing supportive relationships with our clients, providing mentoring through a strategic process of change over time.
Five decades of research has consistently shown parent engagement as having significant impact on student learning outcomes. Recent research indicates that random acts of family engagement have little or no impact on the long term educational outcomes of students or on a whole school approach to developing a culture of family-school partnerships.

Practically Learning assists schools to unpack the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of family-school partnerships, to move from random acts to a more strategic approach in planning and implementation.

We explore with you, the importance of connection, engagement in learning and inspiring effective and sustainable partnerships. Through our Inspire Learning packages we will guide you to develop a team for sustainability. We support you to plan how you will develop the capacity for effective partnerships connected to your school vision, school improvement and annual action plans that align with curriculum and pedagogical practices. An integrated, relational and strategic approach to support children’s learning and achieve positive outcomes.

PEAT – Parent Engagement Action Team Mentor Program





For primary and secondary schools

Mentor program to develop strategies for parent engagement in learning

To enable you to build authentic relationships and to effectively engage with parents in your learning community, Practically Learning has designed a Parent Engagement Action Team Mentor Program. Our unique Mentor Program has been developed drawing on research to provide school leaders, teachers and parents the opportunity to develop a partnership approach to developing parent engagement through a facilitated mentor program providing a collaborative, structured, strategic and sustainable process and tools that you can continue to use with your team.
We recommend you complete our parent-school connection checklist first to learn more about where you are placed on the parent-school partnerships journey.
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