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From Conflict to Collaboration

Rethinking how to partner authentically with parents to impact student learning

Join me for this free live webinar on Thursday 6th July at 7.30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (Check your local times if outside Australia)


1 hour including Q&A Session

Hosted by:
Founder and Director of Practically Learning
Rachel Stewart sharing strategies for school leaders in how to create a collaborative team of teachers and parents to support students.

Webinar Overview​

The challenges of the past few years has seen many changes in education and challenges for you as school leaders. The way we live and work has changed and this means now more than ever we need to collaborate to understand each other.

Over the past decade the way that parents interact with schools has changed and there are many more demands on your teachers as they grapple with challenges they either haven’t seen before or have little training to manage.

Therefore, the support of parents as your partners becomes essential in developing solutions to complex issues we are all facing. Perhaps you have developed positive relationships with some parents in your learning community but you would like to reach more parents. You may have a staff member dedicated to developing family and community engagement but their time and resources are limited and they need further support.

What if you were able to have a team of parents and teachers working alongside each other to develop ideas to engage more parents, solve the challenges that arise in schools, particularly with the increase in challenging behaviours, anxiety and neuro-diverse learners? 

What if you could support parents and teachers to build their capacity to work together to support students?

During this webinar I’ll share our 8 step formula to develop authentic partnerships and a team of parents and educators working together in a unique model that moves beyond the traditional fundraising or school council, but instead looks more like a think tank of collaborators who want to make a difference to support the people in your school community.

Join me as we explore:
• why the traditional roles of involving parents in school groups are becoming outdated models for parents
• how you can develop the capacity of parents and teachers to work together as a team to collaborate and solve the complex challenges facing children and their families that impact learning and wellbeing
• how can you be more strategic and intentional when it comes to strengthening relationships with parents
• how you can equip your teachers and parents with the necessary skills required to implement parent engagement strategies
• all included in my 8 step formula for mentoring and developing your own action team to support student learning and wellbeing.
I have worked with several schools over the past 12 years and have witnessed that resources are limited when it comes to developing family-school partnerships.

When you have a cohesive team of parents and educators working together, teamed with supportive mentoring and a strategic plan of action, magical things can happen.

Watch the video below to learn from some of the parents and educators we’ve worked with to mentor and support their action teams.

If you value supporting your teachers and parents to come together and develop the culture you want to see in your community, I’d love to share with you how we can make this possible.

Join this information session to learn the 8 steps to developing your very own action team!

As we continue our mission to support the adults who surround children to help students to thrive, we hope that you are able to join us for this information session. 

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Date & Time: Thursday 6th July 7.30PM (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Why should attend this webinar?

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What do parents and educators say about the impact on children of being a part of our action teams?

Meet your host

Rachel Stewart

Rachel is Founder and Director of Practically Learning, specialising in guiding schools and families to embrace a culture of family engagement in learning so that together, they can provide the support and encouragement children need to thrive in learning and in life. Rachel is a Certified Energia SOI Cognitive Learning Specialist and Professional Learning facilitator, creating connections between parents, teachers and students as partners in learning.

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