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Helping you create a collaborative team of school leaders, teachers & parents

Course Overview

Traditional parent groups in schools are changing as parents feel more drawn towards making a difference for others in their school community and being good role models for their children. 
Over 10 sessions, we provide guidance and mentoring through co-generative dialogue to help you develop a unique team of school leaders, teachers and parents to work together to develop ideas and initiatives through a Think Tank or Action Team, to improve family-school partnerships to benefit the learning and development of students. 
The course involves 10 x 2 hour workshops that using our unique PARTNERS Formula® for developing a Parent Engagement Action Team.

Our Unique 8 Step PARTNERS Formula

Over the course of 10 sessions we guide you through a strategic and relational approach to developing a team of leaders in your school who are empowered to develop their own capacity to support others in the community.
We draw on 14 years experience in coaching and consulting in parent engagement, along with local and international parent engagement research. Our mentor program is centred around the evidence based Dual Capacity Framework for Family School Partnerships to develop the capacity of parents and teachers in working alongside each other to support children. 
At the conclusion of 10 sessions your team is equipped with the knowledge, tools and resources to implement projects and continue to use their knowledge and strengths to develop and drive new initiatives for sustainable family-school partnerships in your school community. 

Who Is This For?

This is for school leaders and teachers who are open to exploring a new way of thinking and working with parents as equal partners in the development and improvement of the whole school community. 
Your students and the school community has the capacity to be more enriched and enhanced when parents and teachers work together to find solutions to challenging relationships, communication and how to engage parents in learning. 
We support you to develop a team of unique individuals who come together to make a difference for others. They are open to change and new ideas and not afraid to put fears and concerns aside to take action.
Throughout the professional learning experience, we work closely with the team to identify their strengths and how they can work effectively together. We provide various workshops to assist in understanding parent engagement, tools for developing ideas and planning resources for implementation.
Not every school is ready for this particular team approach so we meet with you first to discuss your needs and school context to determine your school readiness for this unique approach to developing family-school partnerships in your school. 
Click here to complete a few questions to determine your school needs or book a free Clarity Conversation to share your school story with us. 

Course Features

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Providing accessible professional learning for school leaders, teachers and parents

Creative Director & Founder – Rachel Stewart
Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur
Hi, I’m Rachel Stewart, creative director and founder of Practically Learning.
I am an entrepreneur with a passion for facilitating learning and creating new ways to improve the lives of children. Practically Learning specialises in guiding schools and families to embrace a culture of parent engagement in learning so that together, we can provide the support and encouragement children need to thrive in learning and in life. 

Our Values

Our values are based on an optimistic view that everyone has the capacity to learn, improve, relate and work in partnership to support children’s learning.
We value integrity, persistence, transparency, creativity, innovation, compassion and honesty in all we do.

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