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Inspire Learning is about building a team of dedicated, passionate parents, teachers, school leaders (and students) who continue to develop strategies to build authentic partnerships in learning. The aim is to develop a team of leaders to support each other and the broader community to embed a culture of family-school partnerships in your school.

Inspire Learning helps to cement a cultural shift that embraces all three elements of the journey, connecting, engaging and inspiring parents and teachers to walk alongside each other, to support children to feel inspired by learning, feel motivated and more confident to thrive and achieve their learning goals.

We use our unique 8 step PARTNERS Formula® to develop a team of leaders in your school community to create a Parent Engagement Action Team.
These professional learning sessions are designed to achieve four main outcomes:

• To prepare and build a team culture so all team members are able to work effectively together for the benefit of the whole school community to support children’s learning and wellbeing.

• Develop the capacity of parents to recognise and use their skills and strengths to be leaders, alongside teachers and school leadership, to build their skills in leading meetings and developing ideas together as a team to then pass on to other future team members and the broader school community.

• To build understanding of shared vision and goals, planning tools, development and implementation of the ideas
developed by the team, evaluation and improvement modelling.

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• To create a self-managing, sustainable team framework with structure and goals to continue to plan and develop ideas and implementation for a sustainable family-school partnerships culture.

Creative Director & Founder – Rachel Stewart
Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur
Hi, I’m Rachel Stewart, creative director and founder of Practically Learning.
I am an entrepreneur with a passion for facilitating learning and creating new ways to improve the lives of children. Practically Learning specialises in guiding schools and families to embrace a culture of parent engagement in learning so that together, we can provide the support and encouragement children need to thrive in learning and in life. 

Three steps to connect, engage and inspire authentic partnerships for learning.
Providing strategic, accessible professional learning for school leaders, teachers and parents.

Our Values

Our values are based on an optimistic view that everyone has the capacity to learn, improve, relate and work in partnership to support children’s learning.
We value integrity, persistence, transparency, creativity, innovation, compassion and honesty in all we do.

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