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Learning Through Play Workshop​

Workshop Overview

Are you seeking unique ways to engage parents in learning?
Let them play!

The best time to support parents in understanding their role to support their children’s learning is during transition to prep or foundation and in the early years of school.
This is a time when parents are enthusiastic about their child’s learning journey and they are excited to be a part of it.

Did you know that 50 years of research has found when parents are more engaged in their children’s learning, their behaviour, sense of wellbeing and belonging in their community, as well as their attitudes and motivation for learning, are all impacted?

This workshop has been developed based on training and research from the University of New Mexico College of Education and the Wemagination Centre of New Mexico  building on parent capacity to engage in understanding how children learn, enabling them to provide simple learning opportunities at home to benefit children’s cognitive an non-cognitive skills that contribute to positive wellbeing and learning at school.

What parents will learn

During this fun, interactive workshop together we explore:
• an immersive experience of play for parents – we will explore play through a making and creating process, enabling parents to view learning through their child’s eyes.
• where learning happens and how to facilitate and create opportunities for incidental learning at home.
• what is happening in the brain when children learn and how play impacts their wellbeing, life skills and learning at school.
• how parents can observe and understand creative learning at home and how it connects with learning at school.

Who is this workshop for?

Parents of children from foundation to year 3 will benefit from learning how they can support learning at home through providing opportunities for play. This is a great way to introduce your families to their unique roles in supporting learning and development at home and how it impacts their child’s learning at school. 

Teachers too can benefit from these sessions as they have opportunities to connect with parents in a non-formal environment, supporting the development of relationships that are critical in forming a partnership approach to supporting children.

What do others say about this workshop?

“It was a great experience for our parent community. There was a lot of sharing of ideas and new learning also. Some great ideas to take back to the classrooms too. Play is a great provocation for writing and oral language, social emotional learning and inquiry.”

“I learned more about how to interact with my children in a fun way.”

“I learned play time is just as important as reading and other routines and that play can support learning in the classroom.”

“I enjoyed remembering and sharing childhood memories, playing with the various materials and realising kids can make anything out of not much at all.”

Workshop Features

I really valued working with Rachel. She is a fierce advocate for parents voices to be heard in the education landscape and contributed greatly to discussions in the teacher and school regulation space.

Liz Aloni

Victorian Institute of Teaching

Rachel has the professional skills to bring parents, schools and stakeholders together. Rachel has an innovative and collaborative approach to problem solving and resolving conflict. It is without hesitation that I recommend Rachel.

Tracey O'Neil

Principal, O'Neill Workplace Lawyers

Rachel genuinely cares about helping schools build lasting connections with parents for effective parent engagement. My experiences of working with Rachel have been very positive.

Tracey O'Neil

Principal, O'Neill Workplace Lawyers

Rachel communicates with clarity and purpose with stakeholders and partners, always positioning what is ultimately best for the child at the centre of any conversation or program.

Matthew Williams

Deputy Principal, Padua College

Rachel has a passion for parent engagement in schools and a drive to seek opportunities for parents/carers to be active participants in the education of their children.

Matthew Williams

Deputy Principal, Padua College

I have worked with Rachel Saliba since 2019 and found her to be passionate and committed in providing parents in Catholic schools with a strong and meaningful voice. Her impressive approach and understanding from both a parent and educator’s perspective makes her ideally suited to represent parents in any dialogue about what 21st century education should look like. Her professional and understated manner makes her a joy to work with. Parents have traditionally lacked an educated voice speaking on their behalf in the education sector, and in Rachel they have a high flyer who has the perfect qualities to present the parent’s agenda in the forming of education policy.

Ralph Barba

Director Making Media Australia

If you are a school that is in need to promote yourself in your community, Rachel Saliba and Practically Learning is the first person and organisation you should contact. Her deep understanding about what parents and families want when selecting a school for their children allows her to formulate a specialised and vibrant marketing strategy for schools that is authentic and proven. She is the master of being able to convey the essence of a school to its community. In video work I have done for Practically Learning I have never seen teachers more prepared and passionate about telling their story to prospective parents. This is testimony to Rachel’s preparatory work and rare ability to get educators and schools to tell their story in a powerful way.

Ralph Barba

Director Making Media Australia

It has been great working with Rachel as she shares her expertise on engaging parents in the school community. Her Learning through Play workshop was interactive, informative and entertaining. I would recommend working with Rachel to inspire your school community.

Verona Gridley

Principal, St John’s Primary School Mitcham

I have had the pleasure of working beside Rachel in developing marketing material, events and support for parents of children in Catholic schools across Victoria. Rachel is passionate, knowledgeable and skilled in parent engagement, strategy development and advocacy for parents. She is professional and reliable and I enjoy working with her on a variety of projects.

Jodie McLeod

Community Liaison - Caroline Chisholm Catholic College

Rachel has an amazing capacity to explicitly determine the goals of the client and the community, and then puts together an exciting strategy that brands and positions the organisation to understand and meet that community’s needs. Rachel’s work strengthens positive outcomes for all stake holders. Rachel is my ‘go to person’ when I want to align the organisation’s work with the community of which it is a part.

Martin Prior

Transformational Education Leader and Mentor

Rachel is an excellent human being. I know her work and the value she can provide a teacher and parent on how to work closely so the child can be provided the best help to flourish in life.

She is a very focussed and dedicated coach and speaker. She connects easily with her audience because she understands them really well.

Soma Gupta

Senior Manager - Energia SOI

Rachel’s presentations are informative, engaging, and thought-provoking. It’s clear she puts a lot of thought and preparation into her talks and it shows.

We have received many positive comments from attendees about her presentation. They were particularly impressed with Rachel’s insights into Cognitive Challenges In Learning. We are confident that Rachel’s talk will have a lasting impact on the attendees’ thinking and work.

Brijesh Kumar Singh

Head of operations - Energia SOI

“The webinar offered a good insight into the program that cognitive learning offers. Using a mix of videos and verbal explanations to illustrate their main points. The enthusiasm and knowledge they have for their program was very evident.”


“I found the webinar to be quite insightful and gave me a new, positive perspective on content that I had otherwise not thought about for a while.”


“I learned about family school partnerships from a parent perspective. Thank you!! It was a very informative and interesting presentation.”


“A great insight into the parent perspective of home and school learning. A great presentation, very helpful.”


“I learned the different levels of engagement and the importance of communication.”


“It’s great to hear from both a parent perspective and a professional. I will use the strategies learned if given the opportunity.”


“I learned the possible barriers to involvement and engagement from a parent perspective.”


“I learned the importance of engaging parents and how to do informal learning through play at home as well as the importance of future learning.”


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Meet Our Director – Rachel Saliba
Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

Hi, I’m Rachel Saliba, founder and creative director of Practically Learning. I am an entrepreneur with a passion for facilitating learning and creating new ways to solve challenges. Practically Learning specialises in guiding schools and families to embrace a culture of family engagement in learning so that together, they can provide the support and encouragement children need to thrive in learning and in life. 

Our Values

Our values are based on an optimistic view that everyone has the capacity to learn, improve, relate and work in partnership to support children’s learning.
We value integrity, persistence, transparency, creativity, communication, innovation, compassion and honesty in all we do.

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