Unlock the secrets to transform your teachers from surviving to thriving!

Mindset Mastery Masterclass

Are you a school leader struggling with teacher absence and wellbeing challenges?

Unlock the secret formula for transforming teachers to be thriving, resilient and confident with the mindset skills they need to support their students.

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Unlock your teachers' potential

Learn the foundational aspects of overcoming limiting beliefs to build resilience and self awareness amongst your staff group. We’ll explore why so many teachers are struggling, what causes teacher burnout and wellbeing challenges and how you can support them to manage their self worth and internal belief systems to be able to overcome any challenges they face.

Transform the way your teacher's relate with students and parents

Transformation in relationships begins with understanding of the self and knowing how to overcome challenges that begin in the mind.
Without working on and understanding your internal navigation system and how it impacts yourself and others’, your teachers will be experiencing overwhelm, stress and wellbeing challenges, resulting in them taking leave or exiting the profession altogether.

Avoid the mistake of allowing your teachers' to exhaust their energy

If your teachers are exhausting their energy on others' and not investing in protecting and rejuvenating their own energy, they are very quickly going to suffer potential serious illness, increased sick leave, and personal issues, all of which ultimately impact your students.

Are you ready to take back control knowing you will no longer need to put out fires and be reactive, but instead your staff will have the personal skills and strength to manage during challenging situations.

Are you ready for a school where teachers are resilient, confident, and capable of building strong relationships with students and parents?
Are you serious about supporting your staff to thrive and not just survive?
Then this masterclass is for you!

As a seasoned educator and coach, I've explored these challenges and discovered a path to overcome them. In this upcoming masterclass, I will reveal the solution to this problem that you are facing. I will reveal the strategies I have personally invested thousands of dollars in, to learn from some of the greatest coaches in the world.

Just picture the transformation: teachers who are energised, passionately teaching and interacting with students, parents, and colleagues. Teachers who are resilient, handling stress with grace, and flourishing in their respective roles.
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You'll discover the benefits of a unique system that provides your teachers with personal and professional skills to know who they are internally and how to manage themselves externally to manage their time, energy and resources to achieve great results for their students.

100% FREE to register and available for a limited time only

Meet your facilitator

Rachel Stewart
Lead Transformational Coach & Professional Learning Facilitator
Practically Learning


Over 14 years I have witnessed many school leaders and teachers struggle with student behaviour, absenteeism, learning challenges, social and wellbeing issues. These are struggles that go well beyond what teachers who entered the profession are able to manage.

Yet these are very real challenges they are dealing with on a regular basis, impacting not only their teaching, but also their own mental health and wellbeing.

It’s impossible to expect they are equipped with the personal development skills and strategies to manage these challenges alone. They can’t be expected to know how to overcome their own stresses if they are not equipped to manage emotions that arise when dealing with these very real social issues on a daily basis. 

They also shouldn’t feel alone on this journey. To enable teachers to focus on their role as educators and manage these challenges, learning how to master their mindset is essential.

However,  teachers are often not aware of how to shift their mindset to overcome limiting beliefs to support their students. There is also little or no training for teachers in understanding the role of parents in their children’s learning and how to engage with parents as partners to support students. Parents continue to be positioned in the role of involvement rather than engagement and this is having a detrimental impact on student learning.

This is why I developed a step by step process to enable teachers to know ‘how’ to overcome their own self limiting beliefs to transform into thriving teachers who are better equipped to achieve success with their students alongside parents.

Rachel is a transformational coach, parent engagement specialist, author and educator. She is passionate about inspiring children to thrive in their learning, by supporting the adults who surround them. 

In addition to her coaching work, Rachel has engaged with state and national advocacy groups, politicians and key decision makers in Australia and education leaders across the globe, to shift perceptions of what is needed to create impactful change in education. 

Rachel is a proud mother of two adult daughters and one teenage son, a voracious lifelong learner and is passionate about helping people reach their fullest human potential.

This is not your average masterclass. This is a transformational experience you’ll not want to miss!

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