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Student Learning With Cognitive Factors

Setting your child up for career success

How strengthening cognitive abilities can support your child to achieve their career aspirations

Join me for this free live webinar on Thursday 27th July at 7.30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (Check your local times if outside Australia)


1 hour including Q&A Session

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Energia SOI with featuring Rachel Stewart sharing strategies for parents to support students with careers preparation.

Webinar Overview​

As the global economy becomes increasingly competitive, it is more important than ever for students to make informed decisions about their careers – especially with the rise of global education opportunities.

If you are a parent of a teenager it’s possible you may be feeling concerned or frustrated in not being  equipped or enabled to support them effectively with career decisions.

Perhaps you’ve tried to discuss career options with them but you’re unsure if they have the necessary 21st century essential skills, abilities to solve problems, make good decisions and compete in the global market they will be heading into once they complete school.

What if you were able to provide support to assist them with the knowledge of their strengths and increased skills to reach their career aspirations?

What if you could support them with specific cognitive skills to suit different career pathways?

Join  for this free live webinar as we reveal a unique Career Mapping Tool. This tool provides you and your child with insight into their cognitive strengths and areas they may need to improve.

The Energia SOI career assessment guides individuals through their career interests by assessing them on their general strengths and areas for improvement related to those aptitude requirements for a wide variety of occupations, more specifically the cognitive skills needed for various career options.

If you value supporting your child and setting them up for success as they complete their final years of schooling, register for this free live event now.

Career Guidance is a program that helps students choose the right career path based on their educational and professional choices. A qualitative and quantitative assessment of the student’s knowledge, skills, information, and experience identifies which career options are possible.

The Energia SOI profile maps different kinds of intellectual abilities related to career skill sets and future job orientations that your child may be exploring for their future.

The program is designed to build 21st century essential skills, making clients ready to face the competition with the abilities to solve problems and make good decisions.

ESOI gives young adults a foundation for success in core areas of their career and helps them in their employment readiness.

As we continue our mission to support the adults who surround children to help students to thrive, we hope that you are able to join us for this webinar as we support you as parents to engage in your child’s learning. 

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Date & Time: Tuesday 27th July 7.30PM (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Why should I attend this webinar?

Our partners at Energia SOI explore children’s cognitive learning from an holistic, strength based approach in knowing that brain differences are normal, rather than deficits. This concept and way of thinking can reduce the stigma around learning and thinking differences in children.

Through our free live webinars you will learn from leading international experts how they are supporting cognitive learning for all learners using Structure Of Intellect methods to improve targeted cognitive abilities. 

You will learn how Cognitive Learning ESOI Certification Training and Individual Learning Programs are a proven method to improve children’s learning potential and overcome learning, behavioural and cognitive challenges.

The assessment training applies to primary and secondary aged students as well as students who are interested in developing their cognitive skills for specific careers.

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Energia Structure of Intellect certification training and personalised learning programs include:Research has shown that cognitive skills are a determining factor in an individual’s learning ability. Cognitive skills are mental skills that are used in the process of acquiring knowledge; the skills that “separate the good learners from the so-so learners.” In essence, when cognitive skills are strong, learning is fast and easy. When cognitive skills are weak, learning becomes a struggle.

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What is
Energia Structure of Intellect?

Energia Structure of Intellect improves a person's cognitive skills rather than teaching academic subjects (Memory, Problem Solving, etc).

Each cognitive capacity is mapped to or linked to an academic skill; as a result, Energia Structure of Intellect training can be seen as a prelude to easier assimilation of curriculum material and development of critical life skills related to cognitive abilities.

Products and programmes from Energia Structure of Intellect are designed to improve how students approach the curriculum using cognitive skills.

Your Hosts

Rachel Stewart

Rachel is Founder and Director of Practically Learning, specialising in guiding schools and families to embrace a culture of family engagement in learning so that together, they can provide the support and encouragement children need to thrive in learning and in life. Rachel is a Certified Energia SOI Cognitive Learning Specialist and Professional Learning facilitator, creating connections between parents, teachers and students as partners in learning.

Energia Structure of Intellect is a global leader in cognitive training and certification of teachers and educators to support students with improving their cognitive abilities. 

Each week people from more than 25 countries join our webinars to learn how to support students with their cognitive learning skills.

Energia SOI cognitive intelligence training program represents the culmination of 55 years of research in cognitive science. It was designed by an international team of Eminent Psychologist led by Dr. J. P. Guilford and Dr. Mary Meeker — a professor emeritus in Cognitive Psychology.

Over 100 published scientific papers show the benefits of Energia SOI program. Most of these were independently conducted by Psychologists at respected universities like The University of Southern California, Harvard and John Hopkins. 

All training is conducted by professional psychologists and children’s learning specialists who:

• demonstrate the ability to work with children of all ages who are dealing with various learning troubles.

• possess excellent teaching skills and the ability to intervene when children fall behind their peers academically.

• display highly effective communication skills geared to various age groups.

• demonstrate the ability to use multiple techniques to help students develop study, learning, and testing skills.

• are trained in SOI test administration and interpretation.

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