St. Martin de Porres Primary School

Marketing Consulting, Brand Development and Principal Coaching

“Rachel has provided our school community with excellent service
in areas related to branding and marketing, parent school
partnerships and staff professional development.

The information and deep insight into our school has enabled us
to understand our vision and how to achieve it.”

Mr Christopher Walsh

Successful partnerships with schools begin with developing relationships.
Through our 5i process we researched the learning community of St. Martin de Porres.
Through our understanding of the community we then developed ideas to improve relationships, partnerships with families, community building and leadership, as well as strategic marketing communications to change perceptions, increase awareness and enrolments.
Through our Support Integration Program, research projects, coaching, consulting and strategy development, together we’ve achieved:

• Improved understanding of staff and various wellbeing challenges

• Improved relationships and culture through support for the Principal and staff

• Increased awareness and understanding of a partnership approach to learning

• Increased participation in community development events

• Strategic communication both externally and internally to improve parent awareness of pedagogy and learning

• Increased enrolments in the school.


Our successful school journeys include: