St. Michael’s Primary School

Culture Development Research, Consulting, Coaching and Brand Development










In 2014 we began a relationship with staff and families at St. Michael’s Primary School.
A wonderful school with so much potential, we explored how St. Michael’s could transform from being a small, relatively unknown community to become a unique place for learning. Through our strategic process we researched the learning community through our comprehensive Culture Development Program. We then developed ideas to improve relationships throughout the whole learning community, partnerships with families, develop strategies for learning at home, community building and leadership, as well as strategic marketing communications to improve perceptions and increase enrolments.
Our ongoing Support Integration Program involved coaching, consulting and strategy development, and together we’ve achieved:

• CLEAR plans for improving school culture

• Learning at home strategies to engage students and their families in learning.

• Marketing strategies including new website, signage, promotions and strategies to increase enrolments – click here to view website.


Our successful school journeys include: